About Us

About Biz Bulls,

At Biz Bulls, we are the industry experts of talented beings who believe in expanding and extending opportunities in the best ways. We innovate and execute the Finest Methodology for the budding Entrepreneurs to grow their thriving business to an extent as a franchisor. We enable both qualitative and quantitative approaches to make sure that, as a franchisor, you can reach the targeted audience to convince them about your business. On the other hand, we help the Franchisees take every possible step to build a business that they desire to witness. We promote Franchisors, giving utmost value to their brand, and formulate innovative methods to approach budding entrepreneurs and expand their business as per the requirement.

Our vision is growing together in leaps and bounds, offering the most edge-cutting upgraded service to the desired future entrepreneurs.

What Makes us we?

  • A team of highly skilled professionals who are the Industry's best in training & supporting you from time to time.
  • We believe in taking most miniature Franchise licensing fees, which is most extraordinary in the entire industry throughout the world.
  • We are always open to extend franchise support throughout the business period.
  • We have a massive network of associated companies and franchisees.


  • We are a part of "Make in India," and support Make in India firms to the maximum extent possible.
  • We are rapidly expanding across India, with at least one office in each district for franchisee recruitment and assistance.
  • We have India's best and most extensive customer care network with an average problem resolution time of 2 to 3 hours.